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The Argot’s Difference

Argot’s Hardware in Effort, PA provides exceptional products and services that will meet your needs to fix up or repair your home.

Extensive Supply of Tools and Materials

Argot’s Hardware stocks all of the tools and materials that you will need to get your next project done right. Part of the TrustWorthy hardware franchise, we strive to be your go-to hardware store by offering exceptional customer service.

We carry a great selection of hardware, lawn and garden products, tools, industry-leading products, and more. We are also a U-Haul provider.

Screen Repair

If you have a screen in your home that is wearing, ripping or falling out, repairing it can be easier than you might think.

We offer repair kits with screens, fittings, and tools that will allow even novice repairmen and repairwomen to fix a screen with relative ease.


Working around the house can be a little bit tougher if your tools are dull and ineffective. Allow us to sharpen all of your tools to make all the DYI jobs go as smoothly as possible.

Propane Fill

Being in your propane tank for your gas grill and ensure it is filled at all times. The last thing you want to happen when friends and family gather around your backyard picnic table is to run out of barbecue cooking fuel. With our affordable refill rates, you will never experience this embarrassing situation.


We cut a variety of keys for your home, office, and vehicles. We also carry transponder keys for a variety of vehicles.


U-Haul is the nation's largest moving and truck-rental company with thousands of trucks constantly on the go throughout the country.

We are proud to be a U-Haul provider with fleet rental available throughout the Effort and Stroudsburg area.

Use the U-Haul site to find out more about the company or to place a reservation for your next move.

Use the U-Haul site to find out more about the company or to place a reservation for your next move.

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